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So that's the question the counselor asked. Earlier that day, a friend asked me a similar question, Why did you first want be a poet? 

I can never answer questions like that. Is want the operative verb? Is it even a poet I want to be? The questions make me feel caged somehow. I am not sure why. 

Maybe because I just don't have an answer. I know what I want to experience, but not what I want the end to be. Or look like. 

I imagine that if I were an artist, say a painter, I might have a goal in mind, perhaps to get into a certain show or sell my work or just paint a tree or something simple. I don't even know what I am going to write about most of the days when I sit down . . . 

Instead I mostly just try to dive in. I want to be like the third one in the Ritsos poem. 

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